Sport Quotes

"While NFL players have to be ferocious on the field, off the field, their agents have to be just as tough. Agents go toe-to-toe with the teams, negotiating their players' contracts. And some agents become both brother and father to their clients. The most memorable agent of all time was the movie character, Jerry Maguire. But the stuff that that character was made of was largely based on the super agent Rosenhaus. There are almost a thousand agents in the NFL, but no one represents more players than Rosenhaus. An agent who is at the same time revered, feared and hated. And to hear him tell it, he just may be the most important player in all of pro-football "

Drew Rosenhouse


"All things being equal, people will do business with a friend; all things being unequal, people will still do business with a friend"

Mark McCormack


"The nature of sport business has changed quite a lot in the last decades.Social media revolution is an example. Do basketball players still need agents in an era where everybody can connect with everybody else? An era where players can visit basketball job market websites like this to make direct connections in a more efficient and structured way? The answer is YES ; Sport agents still have value. It starts with experience. To agents, a professional sport team is not just a name. They often know the individuals connected to that team, the philosophy of the coach and which playing style he prefers, and which types of players fit into that system. Agents know if a team has a good track record when it comes to respecting contracts and payment schedules. They also know how contracts should be put together and, for example if they are FIBA certified agents, they can get the “Basketball Arbitration Tribunal” involved in solving contractual disputes. In other words, agents are experts in the business as well as important advisors, confidants, and career planners. - Anonymous